Cheap Weekend Activities with Friends

Saturday and Sunday are the best days of the week, no matter how much you enjoy your work or love the job there is no doubt that you will always look forward to the weekend. Though spending time with your friends is important, socializing can cost a lot of money. Try out these activities to have fun without breaking your wallet.


grillNo matter how picky you or some of your friends are, it is hard to say no to a good barbecue. The smell of dripping sauce from the grill and the smoke is hard to resist. Anyone can enjoy a great barbecue time because good food will always make everything better. Especially if you are using Weber grill parts to cook the meat, it will make people remember that weekend forever. Who needs to learn how to cook when you can just lather barbecue sauce to anything and toss it on to the grill? Impress a lot of your friends and make them think you are the real deal.

Movie night

Going to the cinema is nice, but you are not free to sit and do however you want, not to mention that the choice of foods is limited as well. A great idea is to watch it online and use a projector to make the screen bigger and have a movie night. You can have as many foods as you like and it will cost you less since there is no need to commute or pay for the cinema tickets.

Board game

Some things will never change, though technology makes everything a little bit different now board game can still give you the fun that you will not get from playing online. Borrow a fun game or buy a new one as an investment for the group’s entertainment. All you need to do is to let your competitive side take over and have fun through winning or losing with your friends.


campOften you are searching for entertainment that cost a lot of money when you can just turn to nature that provides you with free beautiful sceneries and tons of adventures to go through. Pack your things and go camping with your squad if you wish to experience something new. They say you will never honestly know a person until you camp with them because when you have no signal then you can not rely on your phone to fill the time and you will be forced to have a conversation with one another.…

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