Different types of green energy

Green energy is a popular term that we becoming accustomed to these days because there are various awareness programs that are shedding light on green energy. The main agenda of these programs is to make us aware of green energy and various ways to decrease the dependence on fossil fuels. Green energy comes from various natural sources such as sunlight, wind, lights, plants and so much more. Each of these resources is renewable and can manifest a smaller impact on the environment compared with fossil fuels. It uses the resources that are available in the universe such that it replaces fossil fuels in all major areas like electricity and water. There are many types of green energy. Below are some of the important types of green energy:

Solar energy


This is the most popular type of energy that relies on the sunlight. It collects energy from the sunlight and it can be used in various ways. Electricity is generated from the sunlight that is captured. Though the solar energy has a higher potential, it was left lagging behind as fossil fuels were made available at a lower price than solar energy. Because there is a shortage of fossil fuels, this method has become a valuable option again. This is the best option compared to fossil fuels that leave smoke in the air and pollute the environment.

Wind power

This kind of energy has been in used since a long time ago. It can produce energy sources that can be used to replace the use of fossil fuels to generate electricity. Wind power is a major source of energy that has the capacity of supplying more than the current energy consumption in the universe.

Hydroelectric energy

This can also be referred to as hydropower that is produced with the water cycle. This energy is not that much renewable compared to the other sources. It is costly to make hydroelectric energy renewable.

Geothermal power

tvghvhjvhjvhjThis type of energy is derived from the earth. The main source of energy is heat that is contained inside the earth. This kind of energy is more renewable because it is available abundantly and it can efficiently replace the current fuel usage. It can decrease the dependence on fossil fuel and it can be used everywhere, hence resulting in lower energy costs. Even though geothermal power is available in abundance, there are many problems that are preventing us from using this type of energy.