Amazing effects of photography

A lot people assume that photography is an art that is easy to everyone. They assume that photography is all about pointing and aiming at an object and pressing a button to take a photo. However in the real sense, it is a skill that needs a lot of patience and passion to master. A photography class can offer you so much if you want to be a professional photographer but let us take a look at different tips and effects that can help you to enhance the quality of the photos you take. They are as below:



Bokeh is the aesthetic quality of blur out of image focus. Light provide more light to areas that are not in focus but are near the object. Aperture shape differences and lens aberrations, provide a blur that results in beautiful looks. Bokeh has both pros and cons, in the negative bokeh, blur often distracts observers from focus areas and is harsh thus ruining the photographer’s work. The positive bokeh enhances the image look.


Panning is a photography technique that is usually utilized to shoot moving objects like race competitions and sports cars. Panning includes the horizontal, vertical and rotational movement of a video or image. To acquire the best results of a sharp subject that has a blurred background, you have to stay with an object as you frame and press the shutter button. It is one of the oldest techniques, so it requires a lot of practice and patience to be good at.

Thirds rule

The rule of thirds method is mostly used by artists and painters. Work that is created using this technique can be found in art galleries. This method involves breaking down a photo in thirds, horizontally and vertically to acquire nine parts. The focus object is not situated in the middle which results to it being dynamic, moving and interesting. Factors to put into consideration are the point of interest and the frame. You should divide your viewfinder into three mentally in order to frame the shot.

Golden hour

This is also known as the magic hour, it is the first hour of sunrise and the last time of sunset. The quality of light at this hour is different and it adds interest and quality to the photo. It needs the photographer to be fast because the quality of light fades fast.

Long exposure

trctvghvhjbhjbjkbThis is an effect that creates a dreamy landscape, it captures both moving and still elements. Object that are in motion are usually blurred. The individual taking the photo narrows the aperture and sets the shutter to a speed that has a long duration.