Welcome to Knit ‘N Share

Welcome to Knit ‘N Share

our fundraising activity for any group of knitters

hand or machine

What could you do with $300?

That’s how much we pay groups who participate in our fun program, and you expand your knitting skills at the same time! It’s easy with the following steps:

Step 1. Pick a theme. It can be any sort of knitting technique, style of garment, etc. Call our office at 1-800-628-8047 to tell us what your theme is. Groups in the past have picked topics such as angels, yoked sweaters, unusual seams. The possibilities are endless so why not use this as a chance to expand your groups skills by trying something new.
Step 2. Have a least 6 members of your group create something related to the theme chosen. You set your own timetable and help each other along.
Step 3. Take pictures of everyone with their knitting. Write up a description of your group (when you started, where you meet) and then describe the hows and what’s of your theme and what everyone did (yarns used, variations done, finished projects). Mail it into us for publication in either INKnitters or Machine Knitters Source magazines. If possible, we’d love to include the pattern for one of the garments or items knitted. The designer gets extra payment for this and we’re willing to help anyone write a pattern.
Step 4. After we publish the article, we’ll pay you $300 to be spent by your group promoting knitting. You can purchase supplies for education or charity knitting, hire a teacher, sponsor a knit-in, anything you choose that gets the word out about knitting as a enjoyable hobby.