Fall 2001

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Fall 2001
INKnitters is written for the hand knitter who wishes to improve their skills, learn about design, and are interested in the knitting world. The most comprehensive events listing for knitters on-line. shawl_small.jpg (2842 bytes) Return to top page
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In the After Five Tree Topper (pg 30, by June Millard), the Condo stitch pattern is missing. It is: knit 1 row with large size needle, knit 1 row with small size needle. Continue alternating needle sizes.

k1c2-4.jpg (3766 bytes) Designer Profile – Jean Lampe Woodland Woolworks… Melda & Charlie Montgomery,serving the fiber enthusiast.
Changing the Rules – Dee Neer Provisional Cast On… Temporary or permanent, this cast on offers versatility,PLUS. swatch0.jpg (6372 bytes)
swatch5.jpg (6662 bytes) Swatch Shop – Mary Henderson Swatch in Cotton… Mary explores some of the more popular cotton yarns on the market.
Finishing Finesse – Dixie Berryman Sewing in Fitted Sleeves… Have you ever ripped out a sleeve cap? piwko1.jpg (3463 bytes)
pic1.jpg (4200 bytes) Skills Line – Diane Piwko Turn it Sideways… We continue our feature on Open Loops with V-Necks.
Cross Talk – Jennie Merritt Shoulder Slants… Learn how to determine the best slope for your sweater. cheryl_shafer.jpg (6434 bytes)
dave.jpg (4314 bytes) Computer Corner – Diane Piwko Portable Knitting Assistants… An overview of tools and programs for owners of PDAs.
Ask Us – Kathy Sasser & Sue Esser Our new feature where your questions are answered by INK members. WORLD.jpg (3497 bytes)
myrug.jpg (4844 bytes) Mechanics of Knitting – Kathy Sasser Inlays, Knits & Wovens… Embellishments of Texture & Color
What Can I Knit? – Suzann Thompson Betty Spence… A Treasure from Across the Sea… Think lace knitting is ho-hum? Wait until you see Betty’s miniatures! peppers.jpg (5321 bytes)
Diagram Three.jpg (4518 bytes) Unusual Knits – Kennita Tullly Felting Knits… Part I, an in-depth series on felting as a creative art-form.
Knitting Promo – Milda Ciziunas Magic Knitting… Creatures, Crawlers & Crochet… A teacher’s adventure in knitting and crochet. WY1.jpg (8006 bytes)
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Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky wool

Barbara Scott
Brown Sheep Cotton Fine

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sasser.jpg (7280 bytes) Dixie Berryman
Plymouth Galway


Diane Piwko
Schaefer Yarns Miss Priss

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kid.jpg (5986 bytes) June Millard
Cleckheaton Tencel

Kennita Tully
Heirloom Alpaca

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blue.jpg (6797 bytes) Diane Piwko
Gems Merino

Charlotte Morris
Mailiss Fine weight wool

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leah.jpg (65782 bytes) Anne Morgan Jefferson
Schaefer Yarns Miss Priss