Cheap Weekend Activities with Friends

Saturday and Sunday are the best days of the week, no matter how much you enjoy your work or love the job there is no doubt that you will always look forward to the weekend. Though spending time with your friends is important, socializing can cost a lot of money. Try out these activities to have fun without breaking your wallet.


grillNo matter how picky you or some of your friends are, it is hard to say no to a good barbecue. The smell of dripping sauce from the grill and the smoke is hard to resist. Anyone can enjoy a great barbecue time because good food will always make everything better. Especially if you are using Weber grill parts to cook the meat, it will make people remember that weekend forever. Who needs to learn how to cook when you can just lather barbecue sauce to anything and toss it on to the grill? Impress a lot of your friends and make them think you are the real deal.

Movie night

Going to the cinema is nice, but you are not free to sit and do however you want, not to mention that the choice of foods is limited as well. A great idea is to watch it online and use a projector to make the screen bigger and have a movie night. You can have as many foods as you like and it will cost you less since there is no need to commute or pay for the cinema tickets.

Board game

Some things will never change, though technology makes everything a little bit different now board game can still give you the fun that you will not get from playing online. Borrow a fun game or buy a new one as an investment for the group’s entertainment. All you need to do is to let your competitive side take over and have fun through winning or losing with your friends.


campOften you are searching for entertainment that cost a lot of money when you can just turn to nature that provides you with free beautiful sceneries and tons of adventures to go through. Pack your things and go camping with your squad if you wish to experience something new. They say you will never honestly know a person until you camp with them because when you have no signal then you can not rely on your phone to fill the time and you will be forced to have a conversation with one another.…

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Benefits Of UPC Codes For Your Business

Most of the business owners have a dream on their business. Others have created their own objectives and aim that they have to meet in every annual year. For them to meet their different business objectives or goals, they have to create or come up with sound strategies that will make them achieve their various aims. One of the best strategies you can create for your business is the UPC codes. However, due to the advance in the technology field, you can easily keep track of your business with the use of your computer. You can make this possible with the use of UPC barcodes.

kvkfkfkfkfkThese codes are unique, and therefore they allow you to keep track of your business easily. Therefore, for you to use UPC codes, you need to come up with your own number that has never been used by any other product. It is important also to note that this code looks like a series of numbers. Due to this, they can read by the photocell. This, therefore, will prevent human errors. However, creating these codes can be challenging and expensive based on the size of your business. There are some people who use free UPC codes because they are available and they can easily take care of your business needs, while others can buy upc codes. The following therefore are some of the benefits of UPC codes for your business.


UPC Codes Benefits

Eliminates human error

If you need to eliminate human errors more so when recording your data, ensure that you create these UPC codes. This is because they are fast and accurate. They are also fast in scanning. This is the major reason why they are recommended to eliminate the possible human errors. If you encounter this problem of human errors in your business, then you need to consider these codes.

Reduces the training time of an employee

In each business, you need to employ some of the workers to help you in some of your activities. However, it is recommended to ensure that you check on their qualities on your employees before you hire them. However, with UPC codes, it is very easier to train your employees and therefore, you can train one employee, and he or she will even train the rest.

They are easy to print and design

It is important to note that UPC codes are easy to print and design. This, therefore, gives you an opportunity to use them since they are not costly. Also, these codes can be easily customized. Therefore, do not spend more on other issues. Take your time to create these codes purposely for your business.

They improve inventory control

djfjdjdjdjjWith the use of these codes in your business, you can easily improve your inventory control. This is because these codes track inventory very easily. This, therefore, makes the inventory levels to reduce. It is important also to know that locations of your products can be tracked with these codes. Therefore, that is why you are required to ensure that you use these UPC codes for your business.…

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How To Increase Your Painting Skills With Oil Pastels

If you are a beginner, then you need to understand that drawing with pastels can be one of the fun things. However, this comes to reality when you know how to effectively make use of oil pastels. This is why you will find many people avoiding using oil pastels because the whole process can be messy if they do not know how to use them. If you want to learn oil pastel techniques for beginners, then you should keep reading this article.

Choose an easy topic

Choose an easy topicIf you are a beginner in the drawing world, then it is always recommendable that you choose a topic that is easy and the one that you love. When starting to do anything, you will want to start from those things that you consider easy and start advancing your skills. Each time you note that you have advanced in skills, the best thing to do is to try out something that you think is more complicated.

Study other people’s work

There is nothing new under the sun. Anything that you see is something that has been there, and someone seems to have worked on it to make it look the way you see it. So if you also want to increase your skills, then it is important that you set aside some time to study other people’s work. It is through studying other people’s work that you will get a chance to acquire new skills that will help you take your career to the next level.

Variety of colors

When using oil pastels, you need to make use of a variety of colors if you want to make your drawing outstanding from the rest. You, however, need to make sure that you have a good plan color scheme with particular areas where you will want to blend your colors. Here you need to make sure that the colors do not crush.


PassionWhen it comes to effective drawing, you need to make sure that your passion lies in the matters of drawing, you need to make sure that your passion lies in drawing. This is something that you should do with passion for you to emerge the best. Drawing with oil pastels should give you the challenge that you need to make you put more effort in the same. If you realize that you do not enjoy the drawing thing, then that could be a sign that you are in the wrong profession.…

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What will an umbrella company do to you as a contractor?

Umbrella companies are flourishing and are offering a hassle-free opportunity for contractors to make money. Everyone keen on making money is now taking the leap and have no regrets from the proceeds.

Umbrella company services

Signing job contracts on your behalf

You will go out and find a job, hammer a few details and have the deal ready to go. Your umbrella comes in here. It is their responsibility to sign the final agreement on your behalf. Before the signing, the company will go through every aspect and make sure you are getting the most out of it.


Here the company will serve as your employer and leave you to concentrate on the work at hand. You are also expected to sign another agreement with your umbrella company. Now, this is what will directly affect your pay and other terms of engagement.

Invoice the agent on your behalf

Your only task is to get the job done. The umbrella company will iron out your payment details. It starts by invoicing the agent and alert them on existing dues. This one prompts the agent to start making arrangements for your payment.

Prepare your payroll

What the agent pays will pass through your umbrella company. It will be its duty to prepare your payroll in readiness for your final pay. This payroll will reflect on your claimed expenses and will also include the legal deductions. A breakdown will also be sent to you for the sake of accountability.

Paying you

The most important role that an umbrella company does for you is propagating your payment. It does the entire break down including all deductions and giving you the final pay. This will be inclusive of your claimed expenses and any other benefits you are entitled to.

Back-office administration and paperwork

As much as you will be independent on how you work, a big chunk of your day to day administration will take the duty of the umbrella company. Yours is only to execute all your projects and get ready for a check as per your agreement. All the bulk of administration is all taken care of. In a nutshell, you are operating as an employee yet at the same time you own a company.


Assist you finding jobs

When you decide to get into an umbrella company arrangement, you will be finding your way into their established network. The company has a duty to you; they will help you get clients. Your interests and those of the umbrella company are aligned since when you make money, they mutually benefit from that.

For those who are wondering what an umbrella company can do for them; you have it now. There is so much you can get from this arrangement; one being employed and getting your timely pay. The hassle-free aspect is what has attracted quite some contractors to go for umbrella company arrangements.…

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Finding The Best Courses To Study

We surely cannot say that there are better courses than others. Even if the payments differ from one profession to another, it depends on one’s preferences and tastes. But all in all, it is good to choose the best program to enroll on because it will determine your career after you finish your studies. It is important that you think carefully about what you want to do so that you don’t regret later on in your life.

When you complete your high school studies, it is essential to think critically about what you want to do next. It will not be pleasant for you to pay tuition fees for quite some semesters and then decide otherwise in the midway of your course. Nowadays you can take your course online or enroll in a well- known university or college. So what are the tips to choosing the best courses to study?

Determine your interests and talents

When you have completed your studies in high school, as you think about what you want to do. Think of what interests you the most. If you love science go for it and if it is writing make sure you go for it. Do not pick a course because someone or maybe your parent or spouse thinks you can do better in the area. Pick a course because you are sure you are comfortable with it. Make sure the course you have chosen, you are passionate about it.

The job market

As much as you could be interested in journalism, for example, make sure that you will be absorbed easily when you finish your university studies. Do not take a course that you are sure there is no job for you. We have seen many people finish their studies and still are jobless or take a lot of time to get employed.


There are both public and private universities. There are also many colleges offering different courses. All you need to do is find out the average amount of money that you will need to enroll for your studies in a particular college. Make sure that you choose a college that you can be able to afford. Remember that university degrees can be so lucrative and that is why you need to make the right decision.

Time factor is also important

All courses do not have the same timeframe for completion. Some of the courses offered take a lot of time to complete. The commonly known courses are the degrees related to law and medicine. It is important for you to decide how long you want to study. When you choose your course to remember this aspect too.

Do consultations

There have been people before you. It is good for you to gather lots of information from them. This will help you to make the best decisions regarding your studies. Each university also has a counselor; it is good of you to consult them so that they can guide you in choosing the best courses to study.…

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Qualities to Check When Choosing the Best Electronic Cigarette

If you have just moved from using the standard cigarettes sticks to the electronic cigarette then you can attest that there is so much difference. The e-cigs, as they are commonly known have numerous benefits including improved experience and helping people to quit smoking altogether. However, the users need to settle for the best option of their impeccable e-cigarettes out of the numerous options on the market today. The information below guides any new user or the seasoned ones on how to choose the best electronic cigarette.

Check the brand

E-cigaretteThe brand of the e-cig you choose makes all the difference when it comes to vaporizing. Some brands have a reputation for making the best electronic cigarettes. You can easily learn this by checking their reviews online. The good thing is that today, many websites are playing the comparison role and even direct readers to the right and reputable buyers. In many cases, these sellers only stock the best brands you can get anywhere in the world

Check the size of the tank

E-cigarettes use a tank to store the e-juice during the use. These tanks come in different sizes depending on the brand and type of the e-cig. People can choose a tank size that is appropriate for them. As a user, you will need to choose a tank that satisfies you. A bigger tank reduces the chances of many refills during the use, which can be cumbersome. However, the smaller tanks, on the other hand, makes the e-cig more portable.

The battery power

Imagine having your e-cig battery go flat during the vaporizing process. What a disappointment this is. Before buying this device, you need to get an assurance that the battery is reliable. Today, the e-cigs are coming with powerful batteries, which can run you for a couple of sessions. They also come with fast chargers to ensure that you are fully powered. For heavy users, considering the use of spare batteries is a great solution to go for. According to reports, some reputable e-cigarettes come with a spare battery and a charging unit.


Electronic cigaretteOne beauty of using e-cigarette is that they are re-usable. This means that a durable piece is the most recommended. They are made of different material ranging from stainless steel, copper to titanium. Each of the materials has their pros and cons. With some research, you will be able to know which material is best for you using habits. The tanks are usually made glass or any other transparent material to enable the users to know the amount of the e-juice they still have.

The design and styles

Have you ever wondered why e-cigs come in different designs and styles? People cherish stylish designs, which will enhance their experience, especially when vaping in public. Make sure that you go for a design that attracts and makes you feel good. The colors also play a role in the choices people make while buying these devices.

With the above tips, every person is bound to go for an e-cig that makes them happy. Some research will always make the process of choosing an easier task. You will also stay on trend when it comes to the use of an e-cig.



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Guide To Selecting The Best Digestive Supplement

Finding a good quality of the digestive supplement is not easy. A digestive supplementary is intended to improve digestion in the body. They can be classified as vitamins and minerals. In this digestive supplement review, we are going to cover the various things that you need to consider when buying one for your use.


Know the right digestive supplementary

Different types of digestive supplementary have a purpose to serve in the body. Before selecting a digestive supplement first consider the types and the reason why you’re buying it. It is better to carry out your research before buying to acquaint yourself well with the role each of the available supplement serves and the quantity to be taken. By doing so, you will be able to make the right decision

Consider the side effect

Digestive supplementary may sometimes have chemicals that may be harsh to your digestive system. Especially those artificial supplements purporting to be natural can have side effects to the body if taken. In one of the online digestive supplement review, the writer highlights that some of the major side effects of taking supplements against a doctor’s advice are a complication to the normal digestive environment in the body. Therefore, it is advisable to go for the natural supplementary

Consider medical prescription

It is advisable to have a medical advice from a professional doctor before buying or taking any supplement. Sometimes making own decisions on digestive supplement may lead you to take a wrong dietary supplement leading to problems with your digestive system. A Clear prescription from a doctor is advised.

The combination with other foods

trytuyhgrteYou must have a clue on the combination of food with the digestive supplement you are required to take. For instance, you, cannot combine a protein supplement with juice or milk. Use water instead. Some mixture of food has the effect of straining your digestion by promoting secretion of mucus and adding conflicting proteins to the body.

According to food safety principals, more than 90% of manufactured digestive supplementary claim to be wrong. The ingredients are written differently from what is listed in the content. Therefore, you are advised to have natural digestive supplementary to avoid incorrect diet. The chemical product has adverse effects on the digestive system and brings complication among other effects. Natural digestive supplementary is the best choice to select.…

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What To Consider When Purchasing A Shipping Container

As a result of their popularity in the freight industry, shipping containers are quite plentiful and cheap. However, they are not only ideal for shipping cargo. With a few adjustments, it is possible to repurpose a cargo container that is used as a storage space, a house, or a temporary office. Also, buying crates to ship in is a good idea. The fact that cargo containers are bought cheaply, it is very tempting to use it for your next building project. The following are some of the things you need to consider when buying a shipping container.

Tips for buying a shipping container


tgedcghw7edcu28k2io2This is the first thing you should consider when buying a shipping container. You need to ensure that it offers adequate space to meet your project requirements. You should note that cargo containers are available in a broad range of sizes. In fact, they are nearly 8 feet tall and 8.5 feet wide, and available in varying lengths such as 40 feet, 20 feet, and 10 feet. You need to determine the right size before buying a shipping container.


If you are using the shipping container for backyard storage or as a small booth, you need at least 80 square feet. 20 feet long containers offer about 160 square feet of storage space. Thus, they are ideal for large storage spaces for the small businesses or used as temporary offices. You will find that these containers are great for building industrial storage spaces and building homes. Moreover, you can customize them for large building projects.

Used or new

tg2w3ed6fcyhwe8d292You need to choose whether you are buying a new or a used shipping container. All these options have their merits and demerits. A new cargo container is probably clean and problem-free but comes at a little extra cost. You can purchase used cargo containers, but they are likely to have some wear and damage because of their past use. If your usage needs a damage-free and pristine structure, you do not have to make repairs; you should just buy a new container.

The good thing about a new shipping container is that it offers you peace of mind. If you are on tight budget or you are planning to make modifications to the container, a used one is the right one to choose. In fact, you can save some amount of money. Also, if you are planning to customize the container, it is advisable to purchase a used one. Before buying a shipping container, ensure it is inspected for any damage, cracks, holes, and rust spots.…

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IT Services: Choosing The Firm That Helps You Grow

Every business out there is seeking ways to embrace technology while maximizing return on investment (ROI). One of the focuses to this end is the use of tech-related ideas to improve customer experience. As a business in a competitive environment, your chances to capture a bigger slice of the market share in your line of trade depends on your belief in the power of IT services Melbourne or anywhere else as a modern market driver.



The internet is not the safest of places. No business entity can sit comfortably in the face of wide spread online fraudulent tricks. Email phishing, as well as hacking of internet protocol systems, are examples of techniques that can leave one without a penny in his or her money account when successfully deployed by fraudsters.

Thus, your IT services provider should be able to enhance your site’s ability to withstand security breach attempts. Corporate espionage is another thing to avoid. Hence, get a firm with the right resources to guard against internal as well as external threats since most espionage expeditions usually involve an insider’s collaboration.

Earn Confidence

XCZXCXZCThe amount of trust that you earn as a business is commensurate to your IT service provider’s ability to solve problems reliably. Nothing should ever spiral out of control under the firm’s watch. The site should have no down times that may paralyze your tech-operations. Aside from delays, it can cause public embarrassments that wash off trust.

In Touch With Time

To deliver top-notch performance, efficient IT firms inspect their clients’ software systems on a regular basis to ensure that they are up to date. The hardware components must as well be upgraded from time to time since old hardware versions can hinder the installation of more efficient software programs.

Comprehensive Professional Experience

A one-stop-shop for your IT services is what a visionary company needs. Other than cutting down your operation cost, it boosts it by cementing key IT operations into a single package. The firm’s experts must have elastic work experience to enable them to swing from one technical role to another.

Some choose to overhaul the IT infrastructure at an excessive cost while a slight upgrade stint is all that was required to have the system at its best. An IT firm that is out to help you grow attends to your needs 24/7. The firm understands that they can’t get paid unless they protect your interests in ways that allow you to excel in your customer service endeavors and other aspects of your business that defines your innovation and resilience as a business.…

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Best Dog And Cat Cam To Monitor Your Pet

If you keep on wondering what happens when you leave your cat or dog alone in the house, you should install some special cameras to take footage of your pets. This is necessary because when you come back, you find the house very disorganized. Installing a video camera to monitor your pets can be a great idea since you will be able to learn their hidden characters. Also, the video cameras can help you keep an eye on your pets.

Monitoring your cat or dog will help you to know whether it is
Within the compound or not. Most people only come to discover that their pets have been eating foods that are endangering their lives when it is late. With pet video cameras, you are to monitor everything that takes place when the pet is left in the house. If you have a fixed schedule and you do not have enough time to learn the behavior of your cat or dog, you are advised to install these cameras. In this regard. I have compiled the top rated pet cameras that you can find in any store.

Petzi Treat Cam

This is arguably the most popular pet monitor. Petzi Treat cam is mounted on the wall at your pet’s height level. You can monitor what you cat is up to from any place around the world. This device has a wide-angle range of view which covers the entire room. It also contains a snacks dispenser which allows you to snack with your lovely pet from wherever you are. The Petzl software has photos and video capturing feature that will help you to go through the entire footage without missing appoint.


Another amazing pet monitoring cam is known as the Simplicam. This one helps to monitor both your home and the pets inside. It contains an in built high-definition camera and a twin audio way for chatting with your pet. Its camera is able to detect the noise and the face of your pet so that you can locate where the pet is located. It can also help to determine what the pet is doing. For instance, when you hear a sound of a breaking glass you know that the pet has done something wrong. This will help you train it so that it does not go to places where delicate items are put.

Pawbo life camera

This device the most exceptional in built cam which captures very clear pictures and videos. They are also eye-catching and the installation is generally simple. It also has a treat dispenser which contains the dog’s favorite dish. The camera is one of a kind because it has a laser light pointer. This laser light acts as a gaming pointer which can be directed by a Smartphone.


There are many other brands that are great monitors but I will discuss Petcube as the last cam brand on this list. Just like the Pawbo life pet cam, Petcube also contains a laser light gaming camera that allows your pet to enjoy when you are not around. It has a small inbuilt camera that can allow you to monitor your pet even when not in the house. You also join the game with your dog or cat using your iPod or Smartphone.…

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Finding The Best Cleaning Professionals

Cleanness is next to godliness. That is a common saying that shows the value of cleanness in our homes. We all need to ensure that our homes are always clean. Unfortunately, the busy schedule that most of us have somehow makes it a bit challenging for us to do the cleaning our own. The good news is that there are always professionals who are ever ready to ensure that we get the valuable services that we need. As a matter of fact, hiring cleaning professional is more beneficial than doing it on your own. This is because professional cleaners have both facilities and skills to ensure that you get quality services. Here are some of the things that you should look for professional cleaners.


A good cleaning company needs to be flexible when it comes to providing their services to their clients. In other words, they should be able to avail themselves any time that you want them. This is important because there are those moments that you find that you will be having important people visiting you in your office, or even at your home. Under such situation, you will need to have cleaning professionals who will be able to respond immediately as time might not be on your side.


This is another important factor that you should always put into consideration whenever you are in need of cleaning services. You need to make sure that the company shows professionalism in anything that they do. For instance, you can observe how they respond your calls. Are they quick to respond and convince you that they are the right people to perform the task to you? If yes, then you can go ahead and hire them. The way they respond when you call can give you a hint on what to expect if you hire them.


You also need not spend more than necessary for cleaning services. So it is your responsibility to ensure that you do not hire a company that is after exploiting you in one way or the other. The company should charge reasonably. One important thing that you need to understand is that the cost of these services defers from one company to another. So make sure that you do a thorough research and comparison so that you get the best.

Quality services

You also need to make sure that you get quality cleaning services. In this case, you should understand that not all cleaning companies are capable of providing you with the quality services that you need. The best thing to do to identify a company that is capable of providing you with quality services is to read reviews. This is important as it will help you to know what other people think about the company. Check out cleaning services Burnaby for quality services.…

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Different Types Of Business Loans That You Should Know

There are numerous types of businesses today, and each has a financial need. As part of the financing, business owners may need to seek loans from various lending bodies. However, one ought to know the different types of business loans available so they can assess which one is convenient for them. According to a popular business operations survey, most SME owners do not know much about these different types of loans. If you are such a person, then this publication is for you.

Different types of business loans

Merchant cash advance

As a business person, it is crucial to ask yourself what is a cash advance and where you can get one. Just to let you know, that popular merchant lending companies do have plans where a business takes a loan and pays back with the debit or credit card sales. The interest rates are subject o discussion and agreement between the two parties.


Business short term loans

They are just normal loans with a shorter repayment period. However, not every business can benefit from this as the credit score is a determinant. The lender also assesses the probability of you repaying the loan within the stipulated time.

Business line of credit loan

Any business can have an emergency, and thus it is crucial to have a plan with either a bank or any online lender for a financing arrangement that the business can reach to whenever a need arises. It is a permanent loan arrangement to handle operations costs rather than buying of assets.

Small business administration (SBA) loans

These loans are availed to small and medium businesses by private sectors who have the government support to do so. The business or personal assets can be used as the collateral before accessing these loans. The common lenders in this category include the online lenders and the banks alike.

Equipment financing loans

It is perhaps the best loan a business can get. Most lending companies finance the buying of your business equipment fully and still use it as the collateral. The repayment plans are flexible and interest rates friendly. Do not hesitate to approach either a bank or online lending institutions for this.



The above are the popular loans a business can benefit from whether small, medium or big. However, there are other options one can explore depending on the region and the financing institutions. Business loans are a crucial part of its growth and, thus, worth to try where necessary.…

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The advantages of hiring a baby sitter

If you are the type of parent who desires to look after your kids personally each minute of the day, you may be skeptical about hiring a babysitter. You may have heard about terrible stories or watched movies about irresponsible babysitters who ignore or pose danger to young ones. With all the negative notions about babysitters, you may be of the idea that hiring a babysitter is a waste of money. However on the other hand there are a lot of advantages of hiring a baby sitter that you may not have put into consideration. Below are some of them:

They assist you when you have to work


Times will come when you have work-related engagements. During this moments, you will not be in a position to take care of your kids or take them along with you. Some of these engagements may last all night and you will not be able to decline them without causing some damage to your career.


They assist you when you are on vacation

Sometimes you may require a vacation or some quality couple time without the children. If you are married, you will be in need of these bonding time every once in a while to make your relationship stronger. If you have a strong relationship you will keep misfortunes like divorce away from you because it can put your children through trauma. So if it seems like leaving your kids for a weekend or two is harsh, you should think of the long term-benefits.

They help you if you have to attend to family matters

If a family matter that requires you to travel to a different town, state or country arises, you may not be in a position to take your kids all the way there. This may be because of school or because they are too young to go on a rough trip. A babysitter comes in handy at this moment to assist you to take care of your kids while you are away.

They help in developing your kid’s social skills

gfcghvghvhjbhjbjHiring a babysitter will be beneficial for your children’s social skills. As much as you would like to coddle and pamper your child, you should not be selfish. You should give them the opportunity to grow up. This involves letting them experience separation from you temporarily. They should learn how to deal with other people so as to become sociable.…

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Amazing effects of photography

A lot people assume that photography is an art that is easy to everyone. They assume that photography is all about pointing and aiming at an object and pressing a button to take a photo. However in the real sense, it is a skill that needs a lot of patience and passion to master. A photography class can offer you so much if you want to be a professional photographer but let us take a look at different tips and effects that can help you to enhance the quality of the photos you take. They are as below:



Bokeh is the aesthetic quality of blur out of image focus. Light provide more light to areas that are not in focus but are near the object. Aperture shape differences and lens aberrations, provide a blur that results in beautiful looks. Bokeh has both pros and cons, in the negative bokeh, blur often distracts observers from focus areas and is harsh thus ruining the photographer’s work. The positive bokeh enhances the image look.


Panning is a photography technique that is usually utilized to shoot moving objects like race competitions and sports cars. Panning includes the horizontal, vertical and rotational movement of a video or image. To acquire the best results of a sharp subject that has a blurred background, you have to stay with an object as you frame and press the shutter button. It is one of the oldest techniques, so it requires a lot of practice and patience to be good at.

Thirds rule

The rule of thirds method is mostly used by artists and painters. Work that is created using this technique can be found in art galleries. This method involves breaking down a photo in thirds, horizontally and vertically to acquire nine parts. The focus object is not situated in the middle which results to it being dynamic, moving and interesting. Factors to put into consideration are the point of interest and the frame. You should divide your viewfinder into three mentally in order to frame the shot.

Golden hour

This is also known as the magic hour, it is the first hour of sunrise and the last time of sunset. The quality of light at this hour is different and it adds interest and quality to the photo. It needs the photographer to be fast because the quality of light fades fast.

Long exposure

trctvghvhjbhjbjkbThis is an effect that creates a dreamy landscape, it captures both moving and still elements. Object that are in motion are usually blurred. The individual taking the photo narrows the aperture and sets the shutter to a speed that has a long duration.…

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INKnitters and Machine Knitters Source magazines. Providing expertise, patterns, and comradeship to all knitters.

Knit ‘N Share – our fund raising program that is open to any group of knitters. Earn $300 to help your group promote knitting or expand your skills.

Our Executive Board which provides experience and guidance from many aspects of knitting: shop ownership, publications, committee work and seminar sponsorship.

OR, choose from our other publication, Machine Knitters Source

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The INK Contest Rules

1) All entries must be original designs and accompanied by written instructions.

2) Items must use easily available yarns suitable for their intended purpose. Entries may be for children, newborns, chemotherapy patients or any other need you identify. Please list intended recipients with pattern.

3) Entry into the contest grants Fiber Circle Publishing the right to publish winning entries in our 2002 booklet for charity knitting. This is a publication use only. The copyright still remains with the original designer.

4) Entries may be hand or machine knitted. Two first, second and third prizes awarded, one for each type of knitting. Forty magazine subscriptions will be awarded. We reserve the right not to grant all prizes in the event suitable entries are not submitted.

5) Entries must reach our office by Jan 1, 2002 for consideration. Prizes will be awarded Feb 14. After photography & editing the pattern, entries will be returned to the designer.

6) Entries must clearly be marked with name, phone # and address. Please write INKnitters Charity Contest on the package.…

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